Lombok ECO

Because the Rinjani is a volcano with lots of visitors it is hard to keep it clean. With increased use of plastic in the last decades, and gas cooking in the last years traces of people that went to the top before you keep laying around until the end of times.

When we set up Lombok Adventure Club we thought about a way to keep the Rinjani clean: Lombok ECO.

Our porters are instructed to take products with less plastic when shopping, and together with the guides they collect plastic they use on the trip. The plastic will be reused if possible or burned on a safe place close to the camps. But not just plastic keeps laying around, also tin cans and butane cartridges are found on the mountain. On a trip we take all tin cans back to the base camps at the foot of the Rinjani. Butane cartridges are not an problem for us as we still use wood fires to cook.

Because not everyone on the mountain keeps the mountain clean we still collaborate in an annual clean-up, organized by all trekking centers.

Now our guides, porters and our guests work together on keeping the mountain a clean and nice place.

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