The Sasak Cultural Tour

Sasak is the original way of living on Lombok. During the Sasak tour we will show you how local people live.
On the trip you will visit a traditional village, different handicraft workshops and if you are lucky you can join an traditional ceremony.

First we will show you a traditional village in Central Lombok, and maybe you see see a stickfighting ceremony of Sasak people.
Stickfighting used to be one of the traditional ways of fighting in the Kingdom of Lombok (Raja Selaparang) but now has become a tradition to perform on special occasions and ceremonies.

After the traditional village we will visit Kuta beach in the South Lombok. The beach of Kuta is special because of the sand. The sand consists of miniscule round balls. That makes walking on the beach feel like you are walking in a ball pit.
In Kuta you can find severel places where you can have lunch.

On the way back to Senggigi we will stop at a pottery, handicraft and a handweaving workplace.

About the trip

Available:All year
Persons in group:1-5 persons
Price for group$80,00 (price for group)
Included:Pick up and ReturnEntry fees(Including: pick up and return from hotel, transportation, entry fees)
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