Rinjani Trekking Adventures

We can tell you Rinjani is the most beautiful mountain of Indonesia, but of course you have to see it yourself. That is why Lombok Adventure Club is here for you, we know the Rinjani and will show you it's best places.

There are 2 trails we can take to bring you to the top, and there is one trail that brings you to the south rim of the mighty Rinjani.

Day 1: Travel to Sembalun Camp Hotel

If you arrive at the airport we are already there to pick you up and drive you to Sembalun Camp Hotel. If you stay in the Senggigi area we will pick you up in the afternoon and drive you to Sembalun Camp Hotel. This ride will take about 3 hours and takes you through the highlands of Lombok. You can enjoy a relaxing night at the hotel before your adventre starts in the morning.

Day 02 : Sembalun – Sembalun Crater Rim

07:30, Sembalun Camp Hotel
We will pick you up at Sembalun Camp Hotel and you can have breakfast while the guide and porters prepare the last things before we can go.

08:30, Rinjani National Park Office
Start walking. Because we have to walk for 7 hours today we will begin early in the morning becaude the air is than still cool and fresh. We will walk through a savannah, with beautiful hills full of wild grass and incredible wildlife.

11:30, Bridge over the canyon
The bridge over the canyon is one of few places on the Rinjani with a fresh water spring. A perfect place to have lunch.

17:00, Sembalun crater rim
Nice in time for the sunset we will arrive at the crater rim. While the porters set up the tents and cook, you can enjoy the great view over the lake and a beautiful sunset behind the shadow of Bali's mountain Gunung Agung.

Day 03: Sembalun Crater Rim – Summit - Lake (Segara Anak)

03:00, Sembalun Crater Rim
Early in the morning preperations are done by the guides, and at 3:00 it is time to climb with a guide team to the summit of Mt. Rinjani at 3726m. A 3 hour climb through dust and gravel. It is heavy, but once you reach the top you'll be happy you have made it.

06:00, The Top
Everyone who reaches the top will be rewarded with a spectacular view. First the contours of Sumbawa Islad and the coast of Lombok will become visible, about ten minutes later an orange glowing and burning ball will rise from behind the horizon. Worlds most beautiful sunrise? We think it is!

09:00, Sembalun Crater Rim
After having late breakfast we will walk down to the lake. A steep trail where you sometimes have to descend on hand and feet has the most beautiful view on the valley with the white river.

13:00, Crater Lake
Arrived at the lake, you can rest for a few hours and have a nice bath in hot natural water springs to relax your muscles and refill your energy. The water temperature is around 50 degrees. While you are enjoying the porter will prepare lunch.

15:00, Crater Lake
About 3 o'clock in the afternoon, we climb to the Senaru Rim where we will spend the night

Day 04: Senaru Rim – Senaru – Senggigi

After enjoying a special mountain jaffle or panckake we will descend to Senaru village. We will arrive at the village around noon. A car will pick us up and bring us to Senggigi, where you will arrive at your hotel around 15:00

What to bring (Your personal items you have to carry yourself)

-Suitable walking shoes (you can rent some if you don't have, but we advise to bring your own)
-Warm clothes, because temperatures at the top are close to freezing, and at the crater around 15° celcius
-Swimming clothes & Towel, for swimming in the hot spring at the lake
-Torch light
-Basic medicines (headache, stomach problems)
-Sunlotion/protection and lip balm
-High energy food/snacks


-Licensed and experienced guide and porter
-Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, matress, toilet tent, cooking gear)
-Breakfast, lunch and dinner during trekking
-One night hotel in Sembalun
-Mount Rinjani entrance fee and accident insurance
-Transfers as mentioned in the program


-Tipping for guide and porter (*)
-Personal expenses (in high season sometimes you can buy snacks and drinks)

2 Days, 1 Night Program

Location:Start at Senaru / Sembalun / Benang Stokel to first rim
Time:05:00-20:00+1 day
Persons in group:Discount from 8 persons
Private group$310,00 (price per person for private group)
Price for group$160,00 (price per person for normal group)

3 Days, 2 Nights Top Program

Location:Start at Sembalun to top
Time:05:00-16:00+2 days
Persons in group:Discount from 8 persons
Private group$380,00 (price per person for private group)
Price for group$230,00 (price per person for normal group)

3 Days, 2 Nights Lake Program

Location:Start at Senaru to crater lake
Time:05:00-20:00+2 days
Persons in group:Discount from 8 persons
Private group$380,00 (price per person for private group)
Price for group$230,00 (price per person for normal group)

4 Days, 3 Night Cross Vulcano Program

Location:Start at Senaru / Sembalun to Sembalun / Senaru
Time:05:00-15:00+3 days
Persons in group:Discount from 8 persons
Private group$435,00 (price per person for private group)

Explore the new trail to the south rim

Read all about it here>>

Or book a total package

Besides just the trekking we also offer you a total package. This package includes the 3 days, 2 nights trekking, two extra nights in a hotel in Senggigi and the Gili Daytour (read about it here>>).
Day 1: Arrival on Lombok, transfer to Sembalun Hotel
Day 2: Climbing until the first rim
Day 3: Top, lake and climbing to second rim
Day 4: Descend from second rim to Senaru, first night Senggigi
Day 5: Gili Daytour, second night in Senggigi
Day 6: Transfer to the airport

That all for just 50 USD extra!

6 Days, 5 Nights Rinjani Gili Senggigi Total Package

Location:Rinjani, Gili, Senggigi
Time:05:00-12:00+5 days
Persons in group:Discount from 8 persons
Private group$420,00 (price per person for private group)
Price for group$280,00 (price per person for normal group)

Are you ready for Lombok's biggest adventure?