About us

In the summer 2011 we were making plans to start a company that offers all kinds of adventures to show you the best places on Lombok. Before the end of 2011 Lombok Adventure Club was a small company that did tours for friends we already knew. After the launch of our website in summer 2012 we are ready to show Lombok to you too!

Taking a tour with Lombok Adventure Club is the most adventurous way to discover Lombok. We will show you real nature, real people and of course real Lombok. Our team has a lot of experience in trekking, so we can make sure you have the best experience. Also we are all from Lombok and know where to find the best places and can tell you the great stories behind it.

We are not like other companies that offer you only a small part of Lombok, we are different. We show you the biggest adventure on Lombok, everywhere on Lombok!

Warm greetings from the Lombok Adventure Club Team!

Are you ready for Lombok's biggest adventure?